Mordenvale History

The Shire of Mordenvale was initially formed in May 1984 with Wulfwine Grimwald as the first Seneschal.

With fire in their hearts & wind in their sails, Mordenvale was elevated to Barony status in July 2003, becoming Lochac’s eleventh Barony. The chosen inaugural Baron and Baroness were Ragnar Magnússon and Lucrezia de Milano.

Mordenvale was traditionally a fighting Barony with an emphasis on combat and archery. In recent years arts & sciences have found a strong foothold within the Barony.

No spear nor sword could break our wall.
No soldiers ears would heed deaths call.
No Mordenvale’s sons borne home.
No mothers tears to mourn their own.

There are tales of formidable shield walls, impenetrable, backed by fierce commanders & true-hearted soldiers known as

The Grogs

Although they have succumbed to antiquity, they hold a dear place in our memories.


Current Baron an Baroness of Mordenvale

Lord Gavriil Slotkovich and Lady Kolfinna Burlufótr

Date of Investiture: 1st July 2023

Device yet to be registered
Per fess engrailed argent and azure, a duck sable and a quatrefoil Or.



Rus / Kievan Rus

Sweet things, hot food and strong flavours mostly. Does not like mushrooms, olives or cheese.



Preferred style/theme/time period:

Food and Beveridge preferences:



Viking / Kievan Rus

Sweets, roast vegetables especially potatoes. Sweet ciders or wines

Baronial lineage

To those most Excellent who came before, to serve, to inspire – Thank you

Retaining the line of past Barons & Baronesses is critical to recording the history of Mordenvale. This information will be recorded so that future members of the Barony can discover their History.

Ragnar and Lucrezia of Mordenvale
from 12 Jul 2003 – 7 Jan 2006
Gilchrist and Lillian of Mordenvale
from 7 Jan 2006 – 30 Sep 2012
Ludwig and Anastasia of Mordenvale
from 30 Sep 2012 – 2 Jul 2016
Thomas Bacchus and Mildryth Thomaswyf from 3rd Oct 2020 – 1st July 2023

Ulf and Sigrid of Mordenvale
from 2 Jul 2016 – 3 Oct 2020