Arts & Sciences

The Arts and Sciences are a highly valued part of the Society, and the pursuit of these interests is a large part of what makes the SCA what it is. You will see the results in use and on display at our events – the costumes (garb) we wear, the armour used in combat, the illuminated scrolls presented in Court, and the recipes used for a feast, just to name a few.

The Arts and Sciences, cover a huge range of activities, including:









Dancing – and much more!

So what does that actually mean, in terms of things you can do with our group?

At various events throughout the year, experts from our group will teach classes on some of these skills based on interest from our members. At our regular Gathering, you’ll find various members of the Barony chatting as they work on their own projects, and you’re always welcome to bring something of your own along or ask for advice. And once you’ve built up some skills of your own, you can enter your work in competitions at our larger events.

You can read more about A&S at the official Kingdom website

Baronial Project

The Hero Cloak

Duchess Eva von Danzig instigated the idea, based on the tradition of the An Tir War Cloak. Each year a beautiful cloak is presented during the An Tir West War from one Kingdom to a combatant from the opposing army who is deemed the most impressive and inspirational. The presenting Kingdom alternates from year to year. Duchess Eva thought that such an inspiring idea should be brought to Lochac, and presented the first Hero Cloak from the Barony of Innilgard at Rowany Festival 2015. The council of Baronages agree at Rowany Festival who will create and present the Hero Cloak for the following year.

The Mordenvale Hero Cloak was an Arts and Sciences project coordinated by Lord Bjorn Saemundarson and Lady Dagny Sveinsdottir. All members of the Barony were invited to take part in stitching the cloak. When complete, the cloak was presented to The Crown and bestowed on the most heroic of combatants at Rowany Festival.

The recipient of Mordenvale’s Hero Cloak was Count Henri de Montferrant. Given at Rowany Festival 2021.