Nominees for Baronial Succession

Baron Thomas and Baroness Mildryð have indicated that it is time for Them to find successors for Their throne.

Interested members of the Barony self-nominate for this position, then feedback is collected and remitted to the Crown, who have the sole responsibility to decide who would be best suited for this vital role. The Crown then ceremonially invest the new Baronage.

The time for nominations has concluded. All of the self-nominations have been approved by our Future Queen and King: katherine and Ratbot. They will be deciding who of the following will lead Mordenvale:

The Honourable Lord Gavriil Slotkovich and Lady Kolfinna Burlufótr

Master Dallán ua Lorccáin and Mistress Lillian d’Ath

Lady Lyssa Llewensdöttir and Lord Al’atar al’Llewen the Bedlamite

We now enter the Feedback phase of the process, where They hear from you your opinion of each of the candidate pairs so to best inform Their decision.

To assist with this, we have developed an internet survey to organise and send your thoughts, and which you can find at

If you prefer, you can email Ratbot and katherine at and Gui (Duke Kinggiyadai Orlok) at and they will collate it for you.

To inform your decision, Baron Thomas and Baroness Mildryth are organising public gatherings where you can put questions to the candidates to discover who will serve you best as Baronage.

Updates to come! Watch this space.