13645068_805116346292038_8920069345924764599_nMordenvale is the local medieval re-enactment group of the SCA which covers the Central and North Coast of NSW.

message from the Baronage: 
Welcome to Mordenvale from Ulf Skegisson, Hersir and Sigrid Olafsdottir, Hersira.

Mordenmail is Live
Mordenmail’s newsletter is now live! Hit the link here to check it out, or find ti in the menu bar under “Regular Events”.

Who Are These People?
We are members for the Society for Creative Anachronisms which endeavours to re-enact the best parts of medieval history from the dark ages through to the 16th century.The geographical region of Australia and New Zealand is referred to as the Kingdom of Lochac. Within the kingdom there are smaller groups called Baronies which cover geographical regions, there are also smaller groups again which are referred to as Shires, Cantons and Colleges which are located at major universities within Australia and New Zealand. Should you wish to find out which group you logically fall into then you can go to this page, which has a postcode search facility, then go to this page  for all the groups and contacts for your local group.

What is Mordenvale?Geographically the Barony of Mordenvale is located in NSW Australia. Our lands spread from North of the Hawkesbury River to the Queensland Border. The eastern seaboard covers our eastern flanks and we stretch out towards Armidale in the West. The groups geographical center is focused around Newcastle; New South Wales, with the Canton of Oxington Chase being situated in the area between Port Macquarie and Taree.

The Kingdom of Lochac
For information about the Kingdom in which we reside you can go to the Lochac Kingdom Website: http://lochac.sca.org/lochac/

What we are known for.
Mordenvale has traditionally been a fighting Barony with an emphasis on Heavy Fighting.

Heavy fighting encompasses full speed fighting with swords, axes, maces, pole weapons, shields and obviously armour. To make sure we do not die we use weapons made from Rattan which is solid core bamboo. It has a similar weight ratio to steel so one can make a weapon that would handle similar to its historical version. There are also armour standards in place so that major injuries can be mitigated. We also practice archery which is used in both combat with special arrows, as well as traditional target archery. We also have a great Rapier presence in the Barony.

Of late however things have been changing. Arts and Sciences have been developing strongly within the Barony.
Arts and Sciences studies include embroidery, sewing, costuming, illumination, calligraphy, dancing and the study of how things were done during particular time periods, plus much more.

So in this time of change we are looking to embrace all aspects of the SCA. Should you have interest any anything medieval please by all means get in contact with us or come along to one of our Sunday Gatherings. We are all friendly people so approach us and ask your questions or let your expressions of interest be known. If the person you ask is unable to help chances are they will know someone who can and be able to point them in your direction.

Where we meet.
Currently the best place to see the activities we partake in is Sunday Gatherings, or by attending an event or get-together listed on our calendar.

Want to know more?
Come visit us at Sunday Gatherings at Charlestown South Public School, or if you have any enquiries you can contact us via email. Please find the appropriate contact person for your enquiry on our Contacts page.

Google map for directions: https://goo.gl/maps/7zkwz

Old website: http://web.archive.org/web/20120322135812/http://lochac.sca.org/mordenvale/node