Join the SCA

What is the SCA? 

The Society for Creative Anachronism is an international hobby group that attempts to embody chivalry and courtesy, through the lens of a pre-17th century re-enactment society. Our united hope is to create an atmosphere of acceptance and support where everybody has an equal opportunity to flourish in the fields that interest them. 

The Kingdom of Lochac’s Newcomer Page has some great resources for anyone interested in joining the society, and includes an enormous amount of information to help you to start thinking about creating your own place within the society.

What does it cost? 

The SCA doesn’t require a paid membership to join in. There are some things you can’t do if you’re not a member, such as organising an event, but most people don’t need a membership to participate. 

Due to the way our insurance works, non-members do need to pay $5 per event or gathering. With large events held all over Australia, regular local fighter training, archery meetings, sewing circles, meetings, picnics, feasts and tournaments, most attendees find it cheaper and more convenient to sign up for a membership. 

If you do decide to become a member, an SCA membership in Australia is only $35 per year. In this cost comes included a year’s subscription of the Kingdom’s newsletter Pegasus by email, and best of all you won’t need to pay the insurance cost per event anymore! 

For more information about becoming a paid member of the society, please see the Lochac Registry Page

How do I get involved?

  • Come and have a chat with everyone at Sunday Gathering, from 2pm at Charlestown South Public School.
  • Like and follow the Mordenvale page on Facebook.
  • Join the email list.