About Us

Our History

Mordenvale is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism that is based in Newcastle, New South Wales, and covers the Central and North Coasts of NSW. After being formed in May 1984, Mordenvale was elevated to Barony status in July 2003, becoming Lochac’s eleventh Barony. 

Mordenvale has traditionally been a fighting Barony with an emphasis on combat and archery. In recent years, rapier and the arts & sciences have found a strong foothold within the Barony. 

Landed Gentry

The Baron and Baroness are the local representatives of the Crown. Their role is to represent the Crown in all matters. This  includes the pleasure and duty of speaking to the Crown for their populace and vice versa. It also includes advising the Crown on Awards. Locally they serve as the focus of Baronial attention and as a representative of the Barony to other groups.

Currently serving as Baron and Baroness of Mordenvale are Baron Thomas Bacchus and Baroness Mildryth Thomaswyf. 

The full list and dates of current and previously reigning Barons and Baronesses of Mordenvale is available on the Canon Lore website.

The Baronial device for Mordenvale, as emblazoned on the Lochac Roll of Arms, is:

Per chevron inverted vert and gules, a chevron inverted between a lymphad and a laurel wreath Or.