BaronialĀ Events

These events are SCA approved (by the Seneschal) and are garbed events run by the Barony.
Our regularly held events are:

Rhythm & Brews (17th March 2018)
May Day (May)

Tocal Rose Tourney and Feast (July)
Baronesses Birthday Bash (August)
Spring War (October)
St Crispin’s Tourney & Feast (October)

However our calendar is not limited to just these events! All events will have their own listings where information can be obtained, and bookings made.

To see all our events (Baronial and Social) please check the calendar regularly. To make bookings for events please check this page for links to upcoming events.

If you would like to run an event, please fill out the form here for our Seneschal to look over and hopefully approve! šŸ™‚

Links to recent events:

Rhythm & Brews (February 17 – 19th 2017)
Tocal (July 1st – 2nd)
Spring War (September 29th – 2nd October)
St Crispin’s Tourney & Feast (28th October 2017)