Info for Newcomers.
There are four ways to find out what is happening within Mordenvale:
1. This website
2. Come and meet us and chat with everyone at Sunday Gathering from 2pm at Charlestown South Public School.
3. Mordenvale page on Facebook
4. …and the email list. To join the emailing list please click this link: “Mords List“.

Become an SCA Member.
It is also worthwhile taking a look at our “mother” site: . This site has all of the information about the SCA’s logistics, rules, etc…and you can see who the current King and Queen are and find out all about them!

SCABOD To become a member of the SCA please click on the device to the left. This will take you to the membership page. If you have any questions please ask and we will happily guide you through the process.

There are many information handouts and websites for newcomers to get information from. Here are a  few favorites.

Download (DOC, 41KB)

Download (PDF, 73KB)

Getting About In the SCA Game
The SCA is a game. To help you feel as though you are playing the game to the best of your “newcomer” potential; here are some articles that will introduce you to the basics.

         You’ve heard them talk about a particular place – but where is that? A map of Lochac.
         Nuances in the game – Concerning Consistency or Ignorance is Bliss
         So This is Your First SCA Event – a great guide to explain everything you need to survive!

         To participate in the SCA on a small budget.
         SCA Newbcomers –
         To help you learn that song you heard – The Knowne World Virtual Songbook
         Coloured Belts – What do they mean?

There are two main camping events that Mordenvale attend each year on masse. They are Rowany Festival at Easter time, and Spring War on the October long weekend.

So to help out those who have not camped “medieval” before here are some great links to check out.

·         Camping Basics For the SCA.

.         SCA Camping Gear– What it’s all about

·         Medieval Pavillion Resources – Camping Tips.

If anyone has a great link that they would like to recommend as a great resource for newbies (or those of us who need a little brushing up on how to behave) then please email them to the webright.

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