Kingdom Awards
Not only are Mordenvalian’s recognised for their contribution to the game locally by their Baron and Baroness, but when their work is done as a contribution to the larger community; the Kingdom, it is recognised by the King and Queen of Lochac.

As there are many people in the Kingdom’s populace, the Crown is not always able to get to know and hear about all the wonderful work done in their Kingdom.

This is where we all come in. The Crown wishes to be notified by it’s populace of good deeds done in the Kingdom of Lochac. To do this you can submit a recommendation here. Let them know who has done what, when and how well it was done, and most importantly, how it improved or had a positive effect on the game we play.

If you are unsure of what Kingdom awards Mordenvale (or other) populace members have, here is a list.

Receiving my Award of Arms from the King and Queen is a memory I will never forget. No matter how many times you are called into the Crown’s presence, your AoA is always the most special moment.
Baroness Anastasia del Valente, 3rd Baroness of Mordenvale. 

While you are thinking of all the good works done by members of Lochac, you are also welcome to recommend for the peerages. This can be done by contacting the Crown as per above, but also by contacting the Peerages themselves. Here are the links to each: Chivalry, Pelican, Laurel, Defence.

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