(From “Whats On In Mordenvale – Oct 1996” – Ragnar Magnusson)

Within the SCA there are 3 main categories of fighting. These are heavy fighting, a term given to any form of combat where combatants are physically striking their opponent with some form of weapon. Plumed fighting (previously known as light combat) where you may not be struck by an opponent whom is holding a weapon, the most common plumed combatants are people who do combat archery or use throwing weapons. Archery is also a target sport. And finally Rapier which has a substantially different rule set, and is quickly gaining in numbers in our Barony.

Probably the best place to start is checking the Lochac Marshal Website. This contains all the up to date information on combat in Lochac. The Kingdom of Lochac Marshal’s Handbook,  is essentially the rules we play by. It outlines weapons and armour standards as well as killing conventions. For Rapier you can refer to the Rapier website which outlines weapon, armour and killing conventions as well. These two handbooks are kept separately as Rapier combat is done on a list field rather than a war style scenario due to vastly different weapon and armour standards.

The other spot to start is the Sunday Gatherings. Here you will almost always see Heavy Combat, Archery and Rapier taking place. On Sunday’s the heavy and rapier combat is relatively laid back and usually revolves more around one on one sparring sessions as opposed to a formalised training regime. Archery is dependant on weather. Please see our calendar for more information and pivotal dates.

Due to the nature of the SCA there is pretty much something for everyone. There are those who do it to become the best, they treat it as a sport, design their fighting kit to give optimal performance, there are also those who strive for realism in their fighting kits, there are those that are just in it for the fun of it all and then there are those who really don’t know why they do it they just do.

There are so many photos in our photo gallery of fighting in both tournaments and wars – please check them out!

Demos are outsourced events run by non-SCA groups. It can be a fair, festival or school. While they usually mainly wish us to demonstrate fighting, A & S and “pretty garb” also play a part. Our regular demos are:

Bloodtree Festival (Yarramalong Ranges – April – May)

Shakespeare Festival (Gloucester – May – June)

Others demos are also performed throughout the year at Scout / Community groups, schools, churches and other organizations. If you would like to organise for us to come along to your group/school then please contact our Demo Co-ordinator.