What we do in Mordenvale!
The whole Barony of Mordenvale meets at 2pm every Sunday at Charlestown South Primary school for fight training, activities, event planning and gossip. Carpooling can be arranged.
On the last Sunday of every month we also open up the hall for classes and craft sessions. You will find us working on baronial projects, learning new skills, zooming away on sewing machines, sharing a meal, having a chat and working on personal projects also.

The SCA isn’t just about hitting people. We pride ourselves on the involvement of our members in fields such as cooking, sewing, embroidery, pottery, calligraphy and other off-the-battle field pursuits (and its not just the guys!).

Entertainment and activities range at our events from period music, song and dancing to Arts and Sciences competitions, brewing and more. If there is an aspect of the medieval that interests you then here is an opportunity to explore it!

To find out more about what you can do in the SCA the next lot of pages expand further on these topics. Another good source are the links to where you can go for activities and our calendar listings.