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The Baronial Household are a group of members from Mordenvale who have been selected to serve as artisans, guard and hearth companions.

From the Baron and Baroness Regarding Springwar

Most recently our beloved former Dróttning Bethony did receive word of possible threat to our dear Barony. Under Queen’s orders, Sigrid and Ulf summoned the hound host and met the foe. A band of ravaging trolls were chased back to the glacial wastes from whence they came . It is feared this incursion was but… Continue reading »

Poll Update from Their Majesties

Baronial Poll Update With the expressed wishes of Their Majesties, the date for Letters of Intent have been extended by two weeks. The schedule is now as follows:   Call for Nominees: Nominees must be paid members of the Society (during tenure as Baron and Baroness). : Nominees can be a single person or couple…. Continue reading »

Step Down

Ludwig and I have announced our step-down as Mordenvale’s 3rd Baron and Baroness. Please see the Polling page for all the information. We have enjoyed our role as the B & B and look forward to the many years in Mordenvale having other roles and responsibilities.