Baronial Awards
The following Baronial Awards are given by Mordenvale:

  • The Order of the Green Feather (GF) – (Recognition of contribution by newcomer)
  • The Order of the Jade Annulet (JA) – (Arts & Sciences)
  • The Order of the Red Cloak (RC) – (Martial)
  • The Unfurled Lymphad (UL) – (Service)
  • The Order of the Golden Chevron (GC) – (Courtesy and Grace)
  • The Cup of Friendship (CF) – (contribution by person from outside Mordenvale)
  • Baronial Call to Arms (CA)- (For those who return to fight for Mordenvale in it’s time of need)
  • Baron or Baroness’s Cypher – (A personal award for service to the Baron or Baroness)

For a list of all Baronial awards given to the populace: Click here. (External link)

If you believe that a member of the populace has fulfilled the requirements of a particular award, please let the Baron and Baroness know by submitting a recommendation.

Baronial Award Submission