More than just a Club!
The medieval re-enactment group in Newcastle; known as Mordenvale is a part of the Society for Creative Anachronism, (SCA), a world wide organisation that focuses on recreating aspects of European history from the Roman period through to the 1600’s. Our members vary from engineers to history students (and teachers), artists, accountants and florists! We are family friendly & all are welcome!

Please take a look at the next collection of pages to help explain what we do and to guide you through the information as you begin to step back in time with us.

What we do!
If this is your first time on our website – welcome! Whether you know alot about the SCA or re-enacting; or nothing at all, then this part of the website will help you navigate your way through those first days, weeks and months as you become familiar with being a member of the SCA.

The whole Barony of Mordenvale meets at 2pm every Sunday at Charlestown South Primary school for fighter training, creative activities, and event planning. Carpooling can be arranged. Please come along and meet us.

The SCA isn’t just about medieval fighting and ‘jousting’. We pride ourselves on the involvement of our members in fields such as cooking, sewing, embroidery, pottery, calligraphy and other off-the-battle field pursuits (and its not just the guys!).

Entertainment and activities range at our events from period music, song and dancing to Arts and Sciences competitions, brewing and more. If there is an aspect of history up to the 16th Century that interests you then here is an opportunity to explore it!

However, if you have ever dreamed of wielding a weapon on the battlefield: for honour and glory, wanted to have a go at an opponent on the tourney field with dirty great big sword or can quote any line from Monty Python’s Holy Grail then this is the club for YOU! Female fighters highly encouraged!

From Axes to Great Swords and Archery, the array of weapons we have at our disposal is tantalising. You can take to the field of war in a unit at one of our large camping events where we sometimes see over 150 combatants on the battlefield. Maybe you would prefer to refine your skills in tournament fighting where chivalry and finesse are the order of the day. We make all of our own armor and are probably safer to play than most ball sports in terms of injuries at the end of the day.

Keeping In Touch In Mordenvale
Other than Sunday Gathering and this website you can keep track of what is going on in the Barony by signing up to our email list and/or joining our Facebook page.

Link to the Mords Email List: (Fill out the information to be part of the email list – helps to keep updated with what is going on).

Link to the Mordenvale Facebook page: Barony of Mordenvale Facebook Group

About Us!
This page is also a chance to introduce the members of Mordenvale. You may see us around, but not know about our persona’s. So we have put together a list of pages and websites that showcases those within the Barony of Mordenvale. There is also information for important groups and people within Lochac whom you may need to contact.

Links To Baronies, Colleges and Households.
Links to other Baronies, Colleges, Households associated with Mordenvale and Mordenvalian’s.
Barony of Rowany –
Barony of Politarchopolis –
Barony of St Florian de la Riviere –
Barony of River Haven –
Barony of Southron Guaard –
Barony of Aneala –
Barony of Krae Glas – 

Links to SCA Merchants.
          – Merchants In Mordenvale

Jane Stockton – Fine embroidery pieces and hand bound books.
Angus Mac Dougall – Swords and accessories.
Yiannis – Many treasures from his travels. Usually a bargain or two to be found.
Sir Yves – Swords and accessories.

Mordenvale Identities
The Mordenvale Grogs – who and what are they? (to be updated)

You have heard the word “Grog” bandied about, used as a joke, or as a way of referring to somebody. But, you are confused as to what one is….that’s OK, sometimes we are too. Ask anyone in Lochac what a Grog is and you are bound to get many different definitions and many expletives…..This link takes you to the original Grog pages, offering an explanation of the Grog. I felt it would have been sacrilege to change them in any way. I have however added snippets of information to update on who is still playing and who has ‘retired’.

The Rusty Helm – Mordenvale’s Tavern (to be updated)

Mordenvale’s own brewers are the proud operators of the Spring War Tavern known as The Rusty Helm. Behind its bar you will find the faces……..

Our Populace
Mordenvale is made up of a mixed bunch of people from all mundane walks of life: we have scientists, tradies, business owners, teachers, nurses, students. When we come together and leave the mundane world behind, and step back into the middle ages, all of our current life gets left behind as well.
We are a talented bunch, with skills in the history of medieval years and the lives of people who lived during the viking years right up to Elizabethan times. Between us we are competent sewers, embroiderers, painters, metalsmiths, brewers, cooks, musicians, singers, woodworkers and so much more.

Here are some blogs and websites of individual members of Mordenvale.
Baroness Anastasia del Valente
Mistress Leoba of Lecelade

Lady Jane Stockton
Ragnhilr Skegglaus 1 and 2
Master Rurik Farserkr