From the Baron and Baroness Regarding Springwar

By   August 10, 2016

Most recently our beloved former Dróttning Bethony did receive word of possible threat to our dear Barony. Under Queen’s orders, Sigrid and Ulf summoned the hound host and met the foe. A band of ravaging trolls were chased back to the glacial wastes from whence they came . It is feared this incursion was but an advance guard in preparation for full scale invasion. Having now agreed to hold these lands in the name of the the dread Konungr ThorulfR and his gracious Dróttning Halla, Ulf and Sigrid Hersiri of Mordenvale summon those who would carry shield and arms against the impending threat to gather at the Spring Thing. Laws will be spoken, disputes will be settled and war will be made.

Erik of the Bogs (in exile) : ‘I’ve heard talk of Trolls afore. Old Uncle Olaf reckons to have seen their like high in the way of the buckets. Snow blind I say. More than likely hill bandits. I’ve seen me some ugly folk living in them mountains. Nithings, playing on simple folks fears. ‘

Olaf: ‘ Aye, I believe in trolls. Seen one with me own eyes. Hunkered down, moving through the undergrowth on all fours. Head as big as a sheep. All slimy and green, like moss on a rock. Huge white fangs and a horn poking outa it’s skull. Eyes like a cat, glowing red, staring straight at me. Had hill folk with it sure enough. I seen their heads bobbing behind the beast. I got outa there and moved the goats before that creature ate ’em.’

Overheard in a Rowany marketplace: ‘I’m definitely heading to Spring War. Trolls don’t bother me. There’s nothing the Lochac fighters can’t match, especially if some of those pointy hats are about. A good war’s always entertaining I say and there’s tourneys to watch. Our Rowany fencers are a good chance. Can’t match sitting under a tree supping Morcob’s finest watching our lads and lasses. Nice spot of shopping on market day and of course there’s always the games. Might toss the caber myself this year. Had a good run in the sack wacking last time and nearly took out the hammer toss. It’s an event you really shouldn’t miss.’