Poll Update from Their Majesties

By   March 14, 2016
Baronial Poll Update
With the expressed wishes of Their Majesties, the date for Letters of Intent have been extended by two weeks. The schedule is now as follows:
Call for Nominees: Nominees must be paid members of the Society (during tenure as Baron and Baroness).
: Nominees can be a single person or couple.
They do not have to be in a romantic relationship to stand as nominees together.
: Nominees do not have to reside within the Barony’s boundaries, but must show that they can fulfil the duties of office and demonstrate a history of active participation within the Baronial group.
Nominations will be accepted by email as Letters of Intent outlining the following points:
Mundane name/s
SCA name/s
Member number/s
Email Address/s
Contact number/s
Mundane Address/s
Years in the SCA
SCA Resume: i.e. roles/offices/awards/other specific and relevant information.
What do you believe the role of Baron and Baroness to be?
What do you think is the current focus/s of the members of the Barony?
Where do you see the Barony in 5 years from now?
What are your plans to be an example of leading the Barony in a positive direction?
Letters of Intent to be received by the by the 28th March 2016 11.59pm. Please email letters to the poll co-ordinator Dame Miriam Galbraith, at laurai AT tpg.com.au. Also, please CC in thecameronz@optusnet.com.au, and CC: royals@lochac.sca.org
List of Final Nominees Published to Barony: The list of nominees along with their letters of intent will be published to the Newsletter, website, email list and Facebook page for the populace to view.
Publish date: 29th March 2016
Meet the Populace and Question Time: The nominees will get a chance to speak to the populace about why they feel they are the most suitable for the role as the 4th Baron and/or Baroness of Mordenvale. This will also give the populace a chance to come along with any questions they may have and pose them to the nominees.
Meet the populace and question time will be held at Sunday Gathering, 3rd April 2016 (weekend after Festival).
Baronial Poll: The Baronial poll will be conducted by Dame Miriam Galbraith
The poll can be undertaken by any member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (paid or unpaid), adult or minor.
Only one opinion per member.
Poll outline will be posted soon by Dame Miriam Galbraith (of Stormhold).
Poll opens: 4th April 2016
Poll closes: 18th April 2016
Completed polls are sent to Their Majesties, who then confer with the Baron and Baroness before making Their decision on whom They would like to see elevated as Their representatives in Mordenvale.
Step-up and Step-: Tocal, July 2nd 2016.